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Address: 10, Osaro Lane, Off Owosheni Street, Benin City, Edo State. NIGERIA

about us

SANKAREX INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (RC 724228) is a young firm of Qualified Professionals registered and licensed by the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. The firm is also registered by the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and licensed to carry out export businesses of all kinds in the chosen areas of interest. Majorly; the firm is into the exportations of agricultural products such as Sesame seeds, Ginger, Garlic, Palm oil, Honey, fruits, Gum Arabic, Topaz, Chili Pepper, Cashew, Cotton, Soya beans, Coconut, Palm Kernel, Ground nut, etc to overseas.


The firm is also into the business of general contracts in Nigeria, doing contracts on behalf of local, state and federal governments of Nigeria, as well as their agencies, States and Federal Ministries and their Parastatals. Such contracts include construction works such as digging of Boreholes, erection of buildings etc as well as supply of items like office furniture, equipments, books, other office consumables etc.


The firm is also into supply business of all kinds to various private companies in Nigeria. Such supplies include mainly; the supply of basic agricultural products such as grains, wheat, cassava, etc. as raw materials to various manufacturing companies in Nigeria.
Our poultry section also produces eggs, Chickens etc which are normally supplied to fast food companies, wholesalers and retailers alike in Nigeria.


The firm guarantees a consistently high quality goods and services with prompt delivery, through partners, consultants and associates, who share a common business culture, speak a common business language and mostly; have a common training background.


The overriding aim of our partners, consultants, managers and associates is to ensure that the firm’s professional reputation with its clients often developed over many years is based on mutual trust, engendered by the maintenance of the highest ethical standards. These ethical standards include the need to be and the need to be seen as professionally independent in the work we do and to treat all the information we receive from clients in the strictest professional confidence.


company information


Our Vision is to transform our company into a world-class producer and exporter of agricultural products.


Our Mission is to go extra mile to deliver the perceived impossible in the pursuit of excellent services.


To offer our clients; wherever they may be in any part of the world, an excellent, expeditious, cost effective and value for money services. Primarily; our strategy hinges on an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. This is our competitive advantage.


We at SANKAREX INTERNATIONAL LIMITED offer all our clients; our personal, corporate and professional guarantee of: Confidentiality and Privacy
To offer all our clients the highest level of confidentiality, privacy and discretion in dealing with their personal and corporate affairs.


To offer our clients a consistently high quality goods and services and to strive for excellence in all that we do. We are in constant pursuit of new avenues of enhancing our services.